Rappahannock Water Trail Guide




Covers Kelly’s Ford to Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock, and
Ely’s Ford to the Confluence on the Rapidan
32 pages – Full Color – Spiral Bound
Waterproof paper !
High-resolution aerial imagery on every map
Super-detailed scale – you can see the individuals boulders in the rapids !
NEW River Mileage System – marked every 1/10 of a mile
Additional fold-up overview map, also waterproof

Precise locations of all campsites, public and private launches, locks, dams, canals, and other features of interest
Table of paddle trip distances between put-ins and popular camping areas
Fascinating historical anecdotes on Civil War sites, Native American sites, locks, dams and other areas.
Flora and Fauna, Low-Impact Camping and Fishing
and much, much MORE !

The Rappahannock River Water Trail Guide was funded in part by a grant from the National Park Service Cheasapeake Bay Gateways Program.


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